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Motorcycle University - Advanced Motorcycle Training San Mateo


Prerequisite: Minimum 1 year of riding AND 3000 miles

After you have gotten your motorcycle license, and have mastered riding a bike in traffic on city streets and highways, the Total Control Advanced Rider Courses are the next step in your progression as a rider.

Many riders interested in improving their skills are unwilling to take on the additional risks associated with a high-speed environment at a track because the leap in required skills and confidence are just too great.

If you are riding safely and competently, but want to elevate your bike handling skills to the next level, Total Control will give you the knowledge and confidence that you’ll need to handle your bike skillfully, and not just adequately. A prime area of concern for intermediate riders is “what to do when cornering”. Move your upper body? Your butt? Weight on the inside peg or outside? When to do what, and how to do it? This class will teach you how to actively move with your bike for greater control and better safety margins. This is the next step to feeling comfortable and in Total Control of your bike.