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Motorcycle University – Motorcycle Classes for Learn to Ride a Bike San Mateo, CA

Motorcycle University rents beginner bikes!

Just got your License but worried about your next step?

Take it easy and start out with a small, light bike on quiet streets - weekly rentals here!

$264 per week

Includes (required) 3-hour refresher class at Moto U. on the bike that you'll rent and ride!

Rental Choices:

106 - Street Riding: 250cc Beginner-Motorcycle Rental
- $264 per week


1. 21 years old or above
2. Completion of Moto U 103:Combination Skills OR 104: Street Skills
3. Valid California M1 Motorcycle Endorsement/Licence
4. Rental is 1 week: Sunday to Saturday
5. NOTICE: We do not rent bikes to non-MotoU students.

After completion of Session 103 or 104, take the same type of bike that you learned on to the streets to apply your new skills. This program is intended to have you start your riding on quiet residential streets near your house or in a close-by commercial district on a weekend - away from heavy traffic. Rental lasts a week from any Sunday after you complete session 104 until the following Saturday. Bike must stay in the region and near your residence (no trips to Tahoe!) and is for riding practice purposes only.

This weeklong rental is intended to let you acclimate to riding in the real world during your Learner's Time, and riding should be conservative and within the student's personal limits at all times. We expect you to be responsible to yourself, growing your evolving skills gradually and as safely as you can. The modest nature of the 250cc rental bike allows events on the bike to happen more slowly than they do on something with more power, and will help the student transition into whatever step they will take next, presumably with their first motorcycle purchase, which we recommend be 500cc or less for your first 6 months (or more).

No riding at night, no passengers, no freeway riding.
Unlimited mileage. Must remain within 40 miles of our range unless agreed otherwise in writing. Start and end at our range with option for delivery and/or pickup of the bike to your house for $2/mile from Moto U's range per google maps.
$500 credit card damage deposit by credit card required. Rider responsible for all damage to rental bike up to bike's total value - call for details

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